My name is Katsu Ishida. I was born in Osaka, Japan.

When I started painting, I wanted to draw a picture based on Japanese culture.

I have a house in the Himalayan mountain and I used to teach the local people how to make “Washi”(Japanese paper) to  increase  the  small  economy  there.  and  I  had  a  stock of Lokta paper with me. It is chemical-free and sun-dried paper same as the traditional method.

We, japanese have been drawing pictures on paper since ancient times.

Because this paper is so strong that I tried various existing paints but it was impossible to use any paint on the paper. So I decided to make my own ink.

Also, since the normal brush loses to the paper,  I decided to make a brush suitable for this paper.

When I draw, I often follow the memories of the past and draw while crying.

And there is no eraser in Japanese painting, I meditate in front of the paper and I draw the lines at once. If I can not draw as I think, it will be thrown away.

in the screen , I make a part that I can not control. and I finish up in the conversation between “accident” and “me”.

I think that is because the nature of Japan changes dramatically and does not become as human beings expect., and we have  DNA  that  has  lived  in  harmony  while  we accepting nature.


We are a group of artists who draw contemporary paintings based on Japanese traditional tehniques. we have formed Japanese contemporary, that is, Neo-Japo ism, Neja-ism, and exhibit around the world.

Thank you very much for coming an opening party today.

And I would like to express my deep appreciation to the people who have given this opportunity and everyone who helped me in this exhibition.
















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