CP Magazine, appearing for the first time on social networks in order to maintain communication with young people on different topics, is a means of cultural expression with fresh and current information, with more than 6 million visits per month and increasing, thanks to the companies that support us internationally. The magazine has ensured that its publications are of quality and therefore constitute one of the best digital magazines in the 58 countries that read us with their different brands.
CP Magazine founds BusinessWoman, a magazine for business, seeking an innovative editorial concept that takes month to month the experiences, successes and new business development of important businesswomen, women in politics and opinion leaders in the environment. The magazine has an international positioning, for young people of all social classes, they will be able to read them from children to adults, with the participation of other people from the same city who carry out this project.
Companies and Associations that support us:UNESCO for supporting the arts and their disciplines; TERRACYCLE for being a Socially Responsible magazine with the Environment, INADEM as the best digital cultural company created by young entrepreneurs, CONCANACO SERVITUR ASÍA being one of the first companies to enter the Asian market, Government of Los Angeles giving a Certificate of Honor in Living legacy and recently Tota Pulchra by Monsignor Jean-Marie Gervais, president of the same association and coadjutor prefect of the Vatican Chapter for our great work within the branches of art.

Tota Pulchra: Associazione per la promozione sociale

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